Wednesday, April 22, 2009

South Africa: a beacon of hope in the African turmoil

23 million South Africans registered to vote today in the parliamentary elections. The elected officials will, then, choose the next President. All the observers agree that Jacob Zuma will become the 4th post-Apartheid South African President.
Of course, we all know that Zuma's political life has been a rocky one, to say the least. Among charges of corruption and rape ( the first one =s was dropped, he was acquitted for the latter), he has nonetheless, remained a very popular ( populist) personality that cristallizes the hope of the poverty stricken population.
I found it very heart-warming to see how far this country has come in the last two decades.
In a continent where elections often look like a sick joke, South Africa reminds us that there is a path to democracy and appeased politics that can strive with the willing of the political elite and the support of the civil society.
Another innovation in which South African should be proud of, is the Truth and Recounciliation Committee. That is an unprecedented lesson of justice and forgiveness that came out of the martyrized souls from the Soweto.

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